I.1           Hessel Sytses, married with Wyts Lolles.

                From this marriage:

1.        Geert Hessels (Gerrits), born in 1586 in Leeuwarden (see II.1).


II.1          Geert Hessels (Gerrits), born in 1586 in Leeuwarden;  cutting assistant, merchant’s assistant in Amsterdam and master tailor;  skipper of freight boats between Leeuwarden and Amsterdam;  died at the latest in 1656;  married on January 25, 1609, in Leeuwarden with Impck Kienes (Rienesdr), born in Auwert (Groningen);  she died before 1666.

                From this marriage:

1.        Rinske Geerts Samplonius, baptized on January 14, 1610, in Leeuwarden;  married on March 17, 1633, in Leeuwarden with Dirck Crans (Crants), born in 1603 in Groningen, son of Pieter Jans Crans and Myie Remmers;  he was a furrier, ropemaker, merchant’s assistant and cloth maker in Leeuwarden;  citizen of the city;  died before 1665.

2.        Lysbeth (Elisabeth) Geerts Samplonius, born on June 28, 1611, in Leeuwarden;  married on September 27, 1640, in Leeuwarden with Claes Crans (Krantszius) , born in 1605 in Groningen, son of Harmen Jans Crans and Berber Gerrits;  ropemaker;  living in Kollum and Leeuwarden.

3.        Hessel Geerts (Hesselius Gerets) Samplonius, baptized on February 20, 1614, in Leeuwarden;  died before 1616.

4.        Hessel Geerts (Hesselius Gereds) Samplonius, baptized on August 18, 1616, in Leeuwarden;  student at Franeker University;  minister in the Hervormde church in Molkwerum (Hemelumer Olderfert), Kollum and Dokkum;  held position in the classis of Fryslan;  married with Hilletje Claesdr;  died in March, 1682.

5.        Kiene (Keyne) Geerts Samplonius, baptized in Leeuwarden on September 28, 1617;  clerk of the city of Leeuwarden and notary public in 1656;  married on September 18, 1653, in Leeuwarden with Elisabeth Tuekschaap;  she had first been married with Claas Pieters, municipal judge in Leeuwarden;  he died in Leeuwarden on February 13, 1665, aged 47.

6.        Steffen Geerts Samplonius, born in 1619 in Leeuwarden;  publisher, bookbinder, book merchant and book printer in Leeuwarden and Harlingen;  married on November 28, 1652, in Leeuwarden with Eeltje (Geeltje, Neeltje) Sybbes.

7.        Johannes Gerhardus Samplonius, born on November 18, 1621, in Leeuwarden (see III.1)

8.        Harmen Geerts Samplonius, baptized on April 4, 1624, in Leeuwarden;  died before 1665.

9.        Geertje Geerts Samplonius, born in 1626 in Leeuwarden;  married on January 18, 1649, in Leeuwarden with Petrus Nicolai Alma, notary public living in Franeker, son of Claas Allema and Dieucke Pijtersdr;  she died between 1656 and 1665.


II.2          Epcke Tieties, died before 1675;  married with Nies Jouckes, died before 1675.

                Parents of:

1.        Popck (Fem) Epckes (see III.2)

2.        Tietie Epckes

3.        Gatse Epckes


III.1         Johannes Gerhardus Samplonius, baptized on November 18, 1621, in Leeuwarden;  student at Franeker University;  Hervormde minister in Hollum (Ameland), Asten (Noord Brabant), Haskerhorne and Heerenveen;  married on July 5, 1649, in Sneek with Janke Douwes, born in 1623 (1621 or 1622?) in Akkrum;  her father Douwe ? was born in 1591;  he died in Heerenveen or Haskerhorne on October 1, 1687, aged 65;   buried under the floor of the former Hervormde church in Heerenveen.

                From this marriage:

1.        Dominicus (Douwe) Johannes Samplonius, born in 1651 in Asten;  after studying at the University of Franeker, he became Hervormde minister in Ousterhaule and Oldeouwer;  died in 1690 in Ousterhaule, aged 36.

2.        Ybeltje Johannes, born in about 1652, possibly in Leeuwarden;  married on December 2, 1683, in Heerenveen with Gerlof Ages de Lover, from Sneek.

3.        Hessel Johannes Samplonius, born between 1653 and 1657;  married on June 1, 1689, with Aeltje Antoni Havinga from Sneek;  he was a tenant farmer for property 33 in Kollum Kerkeburen, Kollumerland, in the Stemkohier for 1698..

4.        Gerhardus Johannisz Samplonius, born in 1658 in Haskerhorne (see IV.1)

5.        Imke (Ymkje) Johannes Samplonius, born in about 1660;  married on November 23, 1679 in Heerenveen with Hylke Arjens.


III.2         Anscke Hessels, born about 1632;  died on June 13, 1675;  married on February 20, 1631, in Lemmer with Popck (Fem) Epckes;  she later remarried with Jochem Jans.

                From this marriage:

1.        Hessel Anskes (Anskema), baptised on March 19, 1643, in Eesterga (see IV.2)

2.        Epke Anskes, baptized on October 19, 1645, in Eesterga.

3.        Mein Anskes, baptized on September 19, 1647, in Eesterga.

4.       Meinck Anskes, baptized on June 10, 1649, in Eesterga


IV.1         Gerhardus Johannisz Samplonius, born in 1658 in Haskerhorne;  minister in the Hervormde  church in Tjerkgaast from 1683 to 1736;  married on August 14, 1687, in Tjerkgaast with Fuikjen Seerps Swerms, baptized in Harlingen on November 21, 1669 (see SWERMS / FARCKS GENEALOGY);   he had a reputation as a drinker and apparently used the expression:  “Listen to my words but do not see my deeds’!;  he was a tenant occupant for property 25 in Tjerkgaast in the Stemkohier for 1698; he died on September 27, 1738, in Tjerkgaast, aged 80;  she died in Tjerkgaast.

                From this marriage:

1.        Johannes Gerhardus Samplonius, baptized on December 9, 1688, in Tjerkgaast;  died by 1700.

2.        Seerp Gerhardus Samplonius, baptized on December 7, 1691, in Tjerkgaast;  died by 1703.

3.        Bouwe Gerhardus Samplonius, baptized on March 27, 1693, in Tjerkgaast (see V.1).

4.        Janke Gerhardus Samplonius, baptized on November 25, 1695, in Tjerkgaast;  married in Tjerkgaast on September 25, 1694, with Wybe Annes, son of Anne Eelkes and Ymk Gerrits;  parents of Imkjen, Siouchien, Sjouckjen, Gerrit, Johannes, Sjouckien, Foekjen, Imkjen, Foekje.

5.        Fokeltje Gerhardus Samplonius, baptized on April 9, 1698, in Tjerkgaast;  married with Thys Jentjes Pekema.

6.        Johannes Gerhardus Samplonius, baptized on October 6, 1700, in Tjerkgaast;  married on March 10, 1725, in Franeker with Trijntje Bouwes, daughter of Bouwe Peters from Munnekeburen; he may have studied theology at Franeker University but apparently never became a minister; farmer; he was a farmer-owner for property 31 in Delfrstrahuizen, Schoterland, in the Stemkohier for 1728;   died in 1779 in Schoteruiterdijken, aged 79; parents of Nelligje, Gerrit (see VI.2), 3 other children.

7.     Seerp (Serapius, Sjerp) Gerhardus Samplonius;  candidate for the ministry in 1729; died by 1729.


IV.2         Hessel Anskes (Anskema), baptised on March 19, 1643, in Eesterga;  first marriage on January 23, 1688, in Lemmer with Acke Ages.

                From this first marriage:

                1.  Hitje Hessels, baptized on November 25, 1688, in Lemmer.


                Second marriage with Angenieta Oenes; she was a daughter of Oene Intses and

                Bauk Luities; possibly farmer in St. Nicolasga; assistant judge ("bijzitter") with the municipal administrator ("grietman") for Doniawerstal; died in about 1735.

                From this second marriage:

                2.    Fem Hessels, baptized on March 20, 1696, in Tjerkgaast (see V.1).

                3.    Aske Hessels, baptized in August, 1697, in Tjerkgaast.

                4.    Oene Hessels, baptized on October 18, 1700, in Tjerkgaast.

                5.    Nies Hessels, baptized on November 7,1703, in Tjerkgaast.

                6.    Meine Hessels, baptized on March 23,1710, in Tjerkgaast

                7.    Meine Hessels, baptized on August 14, 1711, in Tjerkgaast.

                8.    Jouke Hessels, married with Gertjen Inses.


V.1          Bouwe Gerhardus Samplonius, baptized on March 27, 1693, in Tjerkgaast;  farmer in Tjerkgaast;  as the oldest son of his minister father, he laid the foundation stone of the church in Tjerkgaast on June 25, 1703:  see photo;   married with Fem Hessels (Anskama), baptized on March 20, 1696, in Tjerkgaast;  he was a tenant farmer for property 37 in Spanga, Westsellingwerf, in the Stemkohier for 1728;  in the 1749 tax census, he is identified as a farmer with his own property, paying taxes of 48-0-0; he died in 1753, aged 60; she died on July 31, 1769, in Sloten, aged 73.

                From this marriage:

1.        Meyne Bouwes Samplonius, baptized in Tjerkgaast on November 26, 1719; married with Antje Johannes in about 1756 in Tjerkgaast; named in the Floreencohier as property owner in Tjerkgaast; parents of Akke, Bouwe, Fem.

2.        Foekjen Bouwes Samplonius, born in Tjerkgaast in 1720 (see VI.1)

3.        Agnietje Bouwes Samplonius, born in Tjerkgaast in 1725; married with Jacob Hylkes Haagsma; parents of Vim, Bouwe, Hylke, Nanne, Sytske, Sytske, Jentje, Gerrit.

4.        Fokeltje Bouwes Samplonius, born in 1732 in Tjerkgaast;  married with Jan Douwes, born on December 20, 1722 in Uitwellingerga (see SIETSMA GENEALOGY);  lived in Langweer; he died in 1798, aged 76; she died on February 23, 1823, aged 91; parents of Systske, Fem, Douwe de Boer, Grytje, Foekjen, Janke, Trijntje de Boer, Sjoukjen.

5.        Sjoukjen Bouwes Samplonius, married on January 1, 1754, in Sloten with Durk Jans van der Wijk, son of Jan Durks and Jeltje Annes;  mayor of Sloten

6.        Gerhardus Bouwes Samplonius.


VI.1         Foekjen Bouwes Samplonius, born in Tjerkgaast in 1720;  first marriage in 1747 in   

                Tjerkgaast with Douwe Sippes, born in 1725 in Tjerkgaast;  he died in October, 


                Parents of:

1.       Gatske, baptized on October 4, 1748, in Tjerkgaast.

2.     Fem, baptized on July 20, 1749, in Tjerkgaast. 


                Second marriage in 1752 in Tjerkgaast (or Jutrijp, Wymbritseradeel), with Sybolt Pieters Dijkstra (see DIJKSTRA II GENEALOGY), baptized on November 27, 1729;  he died in Indijken on July 30, 1815, aged 85.

                From this marriage:

1.       Aafke Sybolts, born on September 1 and baptized on September 16, 1753, in Tjerkgaast; died before November 18, 1754.

2.     Aafke Sybolts, born on November 18 and baptized on November 22, 1754, in Tjerkgaast; died before 1783.

3.     Bouwe Sijbolts Dijkstra, baptized on April 3, 1757, in Tjerkgaast; farmer in Indijken and Follega; first marriage on April 9, 1780, in Langwaar with Sytske Jans, daughter of Jan Douwes and Fokeltje Bouwes Samplonius; second marriage on October 3, 1784, in Lemmer with Aaltje Jans Knol from Follega; third marriage on July 12, 1789, in Langwaar with Geertje Meintes Zijlstra, daughter of Meinte Douwes and Zwaantje Reinderts ; died on July 14, 1829, in Follega, aged 72; father of Siebold, Atte, Foeke, Sietze, Aaltje, Mettje, Albert, Reinder, Jolle, Douwe, Zwaantje, Pieter, Foekjen.

4.     Piter Sybolts, born on June 15, 1760, in Tjerkgaast; died before 1765.

5.     Gatske Sybolts, born on June 15, 1760, in Tjerkgaast; died by 1762.

6.    Gatske Sybolts, baptized on December 12, 1762, in Langwaar.

7.     Pieter Siebolds Dijkstra, born in Indijken; baptized on January 20, 1765, in Langwaar; married on June 1, 1789, in Langwaar with Grietje Feyes, daughter of Feije Jans and Hendrikje Jans; farmer in Ijlst, Indijken and Langwaar; died on August 11, 1826, in Langwaar, aged 61; parents of Siebold, Feye, Foeke, Afke, Hendrikjen.


VI.2         Gerrit Johannes Samplonius; married with Jantien Dirks; living in Scherpenzeel.

                From this marriage:

    1. Johannes Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on May 2, 1759.
    2. Hendrik Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on August3, 1760.
    3. Griettie Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on September 27, 1761; died young.
    4. Hendrik Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on October 24, 1762; died young.
    5. Tryntje, Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on November 13, 1763,
    6. Grietie Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on December 30, 1764, died young.
    7. Hendrik Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on March 23, 1766.
    8. Bouwe Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on July 12, 1767.
    9. Hendrik Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on August 28, 1768.
    10. Grietje (Griettie) Gerrits Samplonius, baptized in Oldelamer on February 22, 1770 (see TJALMA GENEALOGY).

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