I.1            Murck (Myrcke) Everts, living in Ijlst, son of Evert Haitses, living in Ijlst;  father owned property in Jutrijp;  married with ? Etedr;  cited in will in 1542 and as ward for relative’s children in 1546.

                From this marriage:

1.        Evert Murcks  (see II.1)


I.2            Wybe Wabbesz, living in Hilaard;  died before 1583;  father of:

1.        Wabbe Wybesz  (see II.2)


I.3            Haytse ?, living in Grouw;  married with Bauck ?.

                Parents of:

1.        Syoerdke Haytsesdr (see II.2)

2.        Ees Haytsesdr, living in Grouw in 1616;  married in 1608 to Jetse Piersz

3.        Bintke Haytsesdr, living in Grouw in 1616;  married with Jaeckle Joannesz

4.        Afke Haytsesdr, living in Harlinger;  married with Tyallingh Jansz Muller


II.1          Evert Murcks;  died before 1620;  married with Richt Sioerdtsdtr;  died after 1620;  living in Ijlst in 1578;  mayor of Ijlst in 1591, 1600 and 1616;  reputed to be rich.

                Parents of:

1.        Murck Everts Ecama (see III.1)

2.        Reyn Everts Ecama,  married with Ede Joosdr Wiarda

3.        Syuerdke Everts;  married with Folckert Sickes

4.        Ebel Everts;  married with Frans Laes


II.2          Wabbe Wybesz, merchant, tax collector, captain and innkeeper;  lived in Weidum in 1591-92 and in Grouw in 1606 and 1616;  married with Syoerdke Haytsesdr.

                Parents of:

1.        Wybe Wabbesz (see III.2)

2.        Haitse Wabbes Abbema, farmer in Rauward in 1649;  married with Ancke Idsesdr.

3.        Willem Wabbes Abbema, mayor of Ijlst in 1653;  married with Trijntje Bartelsdr;  second marriage with Attie Douwesdr;  owner of the Abbema ‘sate’ in Reduzum


III.1         Murck Everts Ecama, mayor of Ijlst in 1621, 1626 and 1638;  property owner in Hommerts;  involved with the Admiralty in Dokkum;  father of:

1.        Yte Murks Ecama;  married with Gotkse Johana Cnossens in Hommerts;  property renter in Hommerts

2.        Righstie Maercxdr (Richt Murksdr en Ecama) (see IV.1)

3.        Symen Murcks Ecama;  married with Ansck Hessels;  died in 1675.

4.        Rintie Murcks

5.        Evert Murcks, married with Hots Tiebbedr.

6.        Janthie Murcks

7.        Haytse Murcks Ecama, living in Ijlst in 1632;  married on April 30, 1626, with Eets Waites van Hettinga from Langweer, living in Teroele;  second marriage on Pier Jelldr, from Harich.


III.2         Wybe Wabbesz, married with Goyts Sytzesdr; owner of the Abbema ‘sate’ in Reduzum in 1640;  after selling the place in 1656, he became estate steward in Emden (Germany);  died in 1656 in Emden.

                Parents of:

1.        Anne Wybesz Abbema, born in 1620 in Grouw (see IV.1)

2.        Hendrickjen Wybesdr.

3.        Sytse Wybesz Abbema, merchant, cooper, mayor of Ijlst in 1663 and 1669;  public notary in 1672;  married in Oosthem with Anti Riensdr

4.        Bauckien Wybesdr Abbema;  married in Emden in June, 1654, with Abbe Mircksz Syrcxma;  living in Jutrijp/Hommerts by 1668

5.        Jan Wybesz Abbema, farmer in Ijlst.


IV.1         Anne Wybesz Abbema, born in 1620 in Grouw;  married in 1647 with Righstie Maercxdr (Richt Murksdr en Ecama);  wood merchant and church elder in Hommerts;  died in Hommerts in April, 1684,

                From this marriage:

1.        Goyts Annedr, baptized on May 8, 1648, in Ijlst;  married on February 1, 1691, in De Jutrijp with Coop Wols from Ijlst

2.        Zytske Annedr, baptized on May 20, 1649 in Ijlst.

3.        Murk Annis Abbema, born in Hommerts;  married with Maycke Freercksdr of Hommerts in 1683;  died on October 19, 1695 in Hommerts.

4.        Wybe Annes (see V.1)

5.        Sydse Annes Abbema;  married with Sieucke Jansdr from Joure before 1683;  second marriage in 1699 with Joostje Eewertsdr from Fransum, Groningen (this marriage was later annulled because the bride, claiming to be a widow, was still married!);  died after 1714.


V.1          Wybe Annes, married before 1682 with Ybbel Lolckesdr, born in 1658, daughter of Lolcke Engeles and Hidt Seerpsdr of Hommerts;  she died after 1711;  he was a skipper living in Hommerts;  died from drowning on September 2, 1693 in It Middledjip, Hommerts.

                From this marriage:

1.        Richtje Wybesdr, baptized on August 27, 1682, in Hommerts.

2.        Hid Wybesdr, baptized on October 12, 1684, in Hommerts

3.        Empk Wybesdr, baptized on October 10, 1686, in Hommerts;  married with Jacob Atses

4.        Bauckjen Wybesdr, baptized on October 18, 1689, in Hommerts;  married with Hilbrand Annes.

5.        Anne Wybesz, baptized on October 18, 1689, in Hommerts;  married on February 4, 1703, in Hommerts with Hidtie Douwesdr from Jutrijp;  died young.

6.        Uijlck Wybes, baptized on August 21, 1692, in Hommerts (see VI.1).

7.        Antje Wybes Abbema, baptized on August 21, 1692, in Hommerts;  married in Oppenhuizen on March 28, 1712, with Heine Tjeerds van Zijlstra, born in 1655 in Offingawier, son of Tjeerd Heijnes and Brecht Franses; he died in 1738, aged 83; she died on May 6, 1762, aged 70; parents of Bregt, Ybeltje.


VI.1         Sytse Joukes Osinga, from Legemeer; born in about 1690; married in Langweer on June 14, 1722, with Uijlck Wybes Abbema, from Langweer, baptized on August 21, 1692, in Hommerts; farmer near Langweer; assessed for taxes of 27:9:0 in 1749, with a family of 2 adults and 1 child under 12; he died after 1751.

                From this marriage:

1.        Jouke Sijtses Osinga, born in 1722; married with Lysbet Heins van Sylstra (Zylstra) from Uitwellingerga on January 28, 1753, in Uitwellingerga; ship owner as of 1751; living in Uitwellingerga; parents of Antie, Uilk, Antie, Jacob.

2.     Wybe Sytses Osinga, born in about 1726 in Teroele; first marriage in 1757 with Jeltje Atzes, baptized in Oppenhuizen on March 16, 1738; second marriage in Oudega on May 7, 1786, and Uitwellingerga on May 21, 1786, with Vroukjen Kleises Osinga, born on January 31, 1751, in Echten; living in Uitwellingerga; he died in Uitwellingerga on September 25, 1819, aged 93; she died in Uitwellingerga on November 10, 1826 in Uitwellingerga, aged 75; from the first marriage: Sytse, Trijntje, Uilk, Ybeltje, Atze, Antje, Pytter, Anne.

3.     Ybeltje Sytses Osinga, born in about 1728 in Teroele (see VII.1).

4.     Anneke Sytses Osinga, born in about 1730 in Langweer; married in Woudsend on January 7, 1759 with Douwe Annes Osinga, born in Woudsend on April 15, 1759; living in Ypecolsga; he died in about 1810; she died in Ypecolsga on March 25, 1811; parents of Uilkjen, Grietje, Anne, Sytse, Jouke, Uilkjen, Trientje, Jouke.

5.     Sjoukje Sytses Osinga, born in about 1731 in Langweer, baptized on May 2, 1757 in Twellinga; married in 1750 with Jacob Jelles Osinga from Uitwellingera; he was born in 1718 in Langweer; living in Abbega and Offingawier; he died in 1805 in Tietjerk, aged 87; she died on February 8, 1819 in Tietjerk, aged 88; parents of Jelle, Jelle, Uilk, Uilk, Grietje, Klaaske, Sytse, Grieje, Hid, Janke, Trijntje, Janke, Ruurd, Wijbe, Grietje.


VII.1        Ybeltje Sytses Osinga, born in about 1728 in Teroele;  married with Pieter Douwes (sse SIETSMA GENEALOGY) in Langweer in 1750;  he was a farmer in Langweer.

                From this marriage:

1.        Johannes Pijters, baptized on March 22, 1750, in Langweer.

2.        Grietje Pijters, baptized on August 22, 1751, in Langweer; married in Langweer on June 21, 1778, with Pier Ates van der Zee of Boornzwaag; living in Zandgaast and Hommerts; parents of Pyter, Ate, Ybeltje, Pieter, Pieter, Tjitske; Pier Ates remarried in Hommerts on January 22, 1797 with Ybeltje Wybes Osinga.

3.     Sietse Pieters Sietsma, baptized on September 16, 1753 in Langweer.

4.     Douwe Pieters Sietsma, baptized on November 30, 1755, in Langweer; lived in Langweer with 1 child in 1811; died December 6, 1825, aged 70; married on April 29, 1781, in Langweer with Pietertje Beerends (Beerns) Sietsma (Sytsma), born in 1756 in Indijken, Langweer; she died on February 1, 1845, in Doniawerstal, aged 89; he acted as guardian for his wife’s nephew, Beernt (Beent) Jans Sietsma (Sytsma) after his father’s death and mother’s re-marriage; parents of Ybeltje, Grietje, Grietje, Grietje; Grietje, Douwes Sytsma, born on April 25, 1795, married on December 14, 1827, with Romke Uilkes van der Kooii in Doniawerstal on December 14, 1827; farmer in Tjerkgaast; she died on October 1, 1883, in Aengwirden, aged 88.

5.     Uilkje Pijters Osinga, baptized on February 19, 1758, in Langweer; married with Tiette Sytses van Hettinga in Langweer on June 4, 1786; he was assessor for Doniawerstal; parents of Pieter.


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