IX.1         Durk Tjebbes Dijkstra, born in Broek on July 31, 1879;  married with Grietje Jacobs Berger (see BERGER GENEALOGY) in Oudehaske on April 30, 1908:  see photo;  he waa a farmer initially in Adorp, Groningen, and after 1916 in Haskerhorne:  see photo; she died in Haskerhorne on November 21, 1957;  he died in Bolsward on June 6, 1966, aged 87; buried in Haskerhorne:  see photo.

                From this marriage:

1.        Tjebbe Durks Dijkstra, born in Adorp on June 4, 1909 (see X.1)

2.        Jakob Durks Dijkstra, born in Adorp on May 26, 1911 (see X.2)

3.        Akke Durks Dijkstra, born in Adorp on December 27, 1913;  died in Heerenveen on January 19, 1919, aged 5:  see photo.

4.        Gerrit Durks Dijkstra, born in Oudehaske on July 5, 1916 (see X.3)

5.        Sibbeltje Durks Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne on December 1, 1918;  married with Cornelius Bijlsma in Haskerhorne on May 6, 1943 (see X.4).


X..1         Tjebbe Durks Dijkstra, born in Adorp on June 4, 1909; married with Ike de Jager:  see photo; he worked in the south of the Netherlands; she died in Heerenveen in December, 1991; he died in Heerenveen on January 3, 1992, aged 83.

                From this marriage:

  1. Durk Dijkstra, born in St. Johannesga on September 27, 1949; died in Heerenveen in 1970.
  2. Alida Johanna Jakoba Dijkstra, born in St. Johannesga in 1951; married in Groningen with Willy Jan (Wim) de Bruin, born in Groningen on April 18, 1948; divorced in 1984.  From this marriage:  a)  Vincent de Bruin, born in Groningen in 1973; security officer in Groningen  b)  Inez de Bruin, born in Groningen in 1976; dental assistant in Amsterdam.
  3. Grietje Dijkstra, born in St. Johannesga in 1953; married with H. Nipperus; lives in Joure.

 X.2          Jacob Durks Dijkstra, born in Adorp on May 26, 1911; married in Joure on May    28,  1942, with Hinke van der Meulen:  see photo;  he inherited his father's farm in Haskerhorne; he died in Haskerhorne on March 28, 1976, aged 65; she died on August 31, 1985, aged 72.

                From this marriage::

1.        Wiepkje Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne in 1944;  works as aide in the south of the Netherlands.

2.        Durk Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne on March 8, 1948;  inherited his father's farm in Haskerhorne;  married with Elske Pekema in 1977;  she was born in Broek in 1955;  he died in Oudehaske on October 17, 2015, aged 67.

From this marriage:

a)       Jacob Durk Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne in 1981;  married in 2012 with Marieke Zijlstra;  lives in Onna, Overijssel.

           Parents of:
            i) Emily Elske Margriet, born in 2013 in Zwolle.


b)      Sietse Wiebe Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne in 1983

c)       Jantje Hendrikje Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne in 1986

d)      Nienke Elske Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne in 1989;  PhD student nurse in Utrecht.

e)       Regina Jacoba Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne in 1993

3.        Johannes Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne in 1951;  works in parks in the North East Polder.

4.        Grietje Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne in 1957;  works as an aide in Joure.


X.3          Gerrit Durks Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne on July 5, 1916; married with Romkje Jongsma in Mildam on April 30, 1942:  see photo;  immigrated to Canada in 1952; he died in Trenton on November 11, 1955; she remarried with Pieter DeHaan on January 19, 1980;  she died in Hamilton on June 29, 1995, aged 81.

                From this marriage:

1.        Richard (Durk) Dykstra, born in Mildam in 1943;  married with Tyssina Mein in Grimsby in 1967;  worked as engineering company rep in Kitchener;  retired.

From this marriage:

a)       Meredith Grace Dykstra, born in Cornwall in 1971.

b)      Richard Garth Dykstra, born in Cornwall in 1972;  married in Kitchener in 1998, with Kimberley Jayne Osinga;  Children:  Ryan Matthew (born in 1999), Kieran James (born in 2000), Melissa Nicole (born in 2004).

c)       Patricia Ruth Dykstra;  born in Montreal in 1975.

d)      Katherine Joyce Dykstra, born in Kitchener in 1977; married in Kitchener on May 28, 2011, with Scott Loney;  Child:  Nicholas Alexander Scott (born in 2012).


2.        Arnold (Anne) Dykstra, born in Mildam in 1944;  married with Anna Dorothea Kelder in St. Catherines in 1977;  worked as machinist in Burlington;  retired.

From this marriage:

a)       Anna Maria Lynn Dykstra, born in Burlington in 1978;  married in Burlington in 2002 with Matthew Stewart;  Children:  Liam (born in 2008);  Laurena (born in 2011),

b)      Nathan Gerrit John Dykstra, born in Burlington in 1980;  married in Oshawa in 2004 with Elizabeth Barrette;  Children:  Michael (born in 2008);  Andrew (born in 2012).

3.        Shirley (Sietske) Dykstra, born in Mildam in 1948;  married with Jerry Bulthuis in Hamilton in 1969.

From this marriage:

a)       Wendy Renee Bulthuis, born in Hamilton in 1971;  married with Mike Ripmeester in 2005;  Children:  Nick (born in 1993), Jillian (born in 1997), Mollie (born in 2008).

b)      Jennifer Irene Bulthuis, born in Hamilton in 1973;  married with Gary Miedema in 1996;  Children:  Liefe (born in 2005), Nomi (born in 2010).

c)       Michael Gerard Bulthuis, born in Hamilton in 1976;  relationship with Mike Steinhauer.

4.        Gerald (Gerard) Dykstra, born in Trenton in 1954;  married with Leida Huinink in Hamilton in 1976;  accountant.

From this marriage:

a)       Garrett Richard Dykstra, born in Hamilton in 1979;  married with Rachael in 2003;  Children:  Erica (bron in 2008), Madalyn (born in 2009));  Dominic (born in 2011); Analise Mae (born in 2014).

b)      Jozina Leida Dykstra, born in Hamilton in 1982

c)       Alexander Gerard Dykstra, born in Hamilton in 1983

d)      Ramona Misty Dykstra, born in Hamilton in 1985;  mother of McKenna (born in 2005), Benjamin (born in 2007), Kimberly (born in 2008).


X.4          Sibbeltje Durks Dijkstra, born in Haskerhorne on December 1, 1918;  died in Ottawa on September 28, 2002;  married with Cornelius Bijlsma in Haskerhorne on May 6, 1943 (see BIJLSMA GENEALOGY).

                From this marriage:

1.        Grietje Bijlsma, born on March 3, 1944, in Haskerdijken;  died on April 23, 1944, from diphtheria

2.        Klaas Bylsma, born in 1945 in Oldeouwer

3.        Durk Bylsma, born in 1947 in Oldeouwer

4.        Reinschje Grietje (Rene) Bylsma, born in 1949 in Oldeouwer;  married Douglas Hall in Osgoode in 1977;  she lives in Sardis, British Columbia

5.        Gerard Bylsma, born in 1953, in Belleville;  married Suzanne Hotte in Ottawa in 1975;  died in Iroquois from drowning in 1976.

6.        Cornelius (Neil) Bylsma, born in 1955 in Belleville

7.        Jacob (Jack) Bylsma, born in 1957 in Belleville

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