IX.1    Klaas Bylsma, born in 1945, in Oldeouwer;  married in 1979, in Montreal with Patricia Ann Gibbons, daughter of William Patrick Gibbons and Patricia Gill, born in Montreal in 1954. 
    From this marriage:
1. Michael Andreas, born in Campbell's Bay in 1981;  teacher in Vancouver;  relationship with Shannon Dolen.
Parents of:
a)  Kieran Luka, born in Vancouver in 2014.

b)  Eloise Marigold, born in Vancouver in 2016.

2. Erik William, born in Campbell's Bay in 1984;  lawyer in Toronto.

From a previous marriage:
3. Mark, born in Montreal in 1973;  married in Montreal in  2008, with Judith Caron;  works as an engineer in Montreal

IX.2    Durk Bylsma, born in 1947, in Oldeouwer;  married in 1970, in Williamsburg with Ann Post;  he lives in Ottawa
    From this marriage:
1. Rodney, born in Iroquois in 1971;  married Mary Costello in Kanata in  1999; works in high tech in Kanata
Parents of:
a) Emily, born in Ottawa in 2003
b) Kate Anne, born in Ottawa in  2004.

2. Trevor, born in Iroquois on  1972;  married Susan Matheson in Nepean in 1999;  works in high tech in Ottawa;  separated in 2012.
Parents of:
a) Heather Marijke, born in Ottawa in 2001
b) Curtis, born in Ottawa in 2003
3. Julie, born in Iroquois in 1974, in Iroquois;  recreational worker in Ottawa;   
    married in 2010, in Ottawa with Scott Ferguson;  Parents of two daughters 
4. Clinton, born in Iroquois in 1981;  works in Ottawa;  married in 2009, in Lanark with Alison Kelsey.
Parents of:
a)  Benjamin, born in Ottawa in 2016.

IX.3    Cornelius (Neil) Bylsma, born in 1955, in Belleville;  married Diane Haverman in British Columbia in 1981;  he lives in Barrhead, Alberta;  moving to Enderby, B.C. in 2013.
    From this marriage:
1. Craig, born in British Columbia in 1982;  forestry technician in Slave Lake, Ab.;   
                      married to Esther White ifn Erskine, Ab. in 2016,
2. Lisa, born in British Columbia in 1984; married to Shane Whippler in 2013 on Gabriola Island;  counsellor in Nanaimo
Parents of:
a)  Noemi Joy, born in Nanaimo, B.C. in 2015.

b)  Mira Grace, born in Nanaimo, B.C. in 2017.
3. Karen, born in Iroquois in 1986;  speech language pathologist in Kelowna.

IX.4    Jacob (Jack) Bylsma, born in 1957, in Belleville;  married in Ottawa in 1985 with Lina Marquis;  he lives in Osgoode.
    From this marriage;
1. Amanda, born  in 1988 in Osgoode;  works in Ottawa;  married in Ottawa with Sean Connah in 2015.

Parents of:

a)  Charlotte Rae, born in Ottawa in 2016.