VIII.1      Antje Bijlsma, born in Langezwaag on April 16, 1913; died on April 22, 1946, aged 33, in Sonnega following the birth of her youngest son; married on May 7, 1937, with Jan van der Tuin (see photo.). Her husband was a farmer in Sonnega and north of Wolvega; he re-married with Akke Vogel, in about 1948; he died in Wolvega on March 3, 1990, aged 79; she was born in Joure on March 6, 1916 and died in Wolvega on May 21, 2008.

                From the first marriage:

                1.  Egbert (Eppie) van der Tuin, born in 1938 in Sonnega. Worked in

                     the polder. Lives in Wolvega.

                2.  Reinschje van der Tuin, born in 1940 in Sonnega; married Pieter

                     Meester in 1966. Husband worked for the railroad. Lives in


                      Parents of :

                      a.   Antje Akke (Annet), born in 1970 in Zwolle.

                      b.   Aukjen, born in1970 in Zwolle.

                3.  Klaas van der Tuin, born in 1943  in Sonnega; married Jelske Boskma

                     in 1969 in Harlingen. Worked in an institute for people with

                     handicaps; now retired. Lives in Midlum.

                     Parents of :

                    a.    Jan, born in 1970 in Harlingen; married Mieke Neijsen in


                           Parents of:

                           i.  Hanah Elisabet Jelske, born in 2000 in Harlingen.

                           ii. Yoram Klaas Johannes born in 2002.

                           iii  Eliza Antje Wilhelmina, born in 2005 in Harlingen.

                    b.   Anne, born in 1975 in Harlingen; married Danielle Bruggenkamp,

                          born in Bolsward in 1976, in 2004.

                          Parents of:

                          i.  Ester Nynke, born in 2006 in Leeuwarden.

                          ii. Naomi Elbrich, born in 2008 in Leeuwarden.

                    iii. Gideon Riewert, born in 2012 in Leeuwarden.

                     c.  Egbert, born on November 2, 1983, in Harlingen

               4.  Anne Jan van der Tuin, born in 1946 in Wolvega; lived with his aunt 

                    and uncle (Maaike Bijlsma and Kees de Kroon) following the death of his

                    mother.  Married Wietske Spijkstra in 1967 in Wolvega. Worked as

                    a salesman; now retired; lives in Wolvega.

                    Parents of:

                    a.   Belinda (Bauwkje), born in 1969 in Wolvega; married in Ijsselstein

                          and Nieuwegein in 1997 with Erik Leyder Havenstroom; lives in

                          Leeuwarden; parents of Melissa, Sacha and Mischa.

                    b.   Maaike, born in 1971 in Wolvega; relationship with Bauke

                          Zuidersma; parents of Robin and Danique.

                    c.  Annewiesje, born in 1976 in Wolvega.  


From the second marriage:

5.  Jan van der Tuin, born in Nijholtwolde in 1950;  married Wolvega with

     Johanna de Vries, born in Ter Idzard in 1951;  living in Assen.

     Parents of:

     a)  Pascal, born in Almelo in 1974.

     b)  Denise, born in Hogeveen in 1978.

6.  Dirkje van der Tuin, born in Nijholtwolde in 1955,  nurse. 


VIII.2     Maaike Bijlsma, born in Langezwaag on December 19, 1914; married Kees de Kroon   on June 2, 1938, in Wolvega (see photo); responsible for Anne Jan van der Tuin (VIII.1.4); died , in Wolvega on October 17, 1984, aged 70; Kees de Kroon died on October 12, 1994, aged 82.


VIII.3      Cornelius Bylsma, born in Langezwaag on February 9, 1919;  married (see photo) on May 6, 1943 in Haskerhorne with Sibbeltje Dijkstra, born on December 1, 1918, in Haskerhorne, daughter of Durk Dijkstra and Grietje Berger  (SEE DIJKSTRA I GENEALOGY);  immigrated to Canada with his family in July, 1950:  see photo;  farm labourer and farmer in Belleville and Iroquois;  died in Ottawa on November 19, 2003, aged 84;  she died in Ottawa on September 28, 2002, aged 83:  see photo.

                From this marriage:

1.        Grietje Bijlsma, born on March 3, 1944, in Haskerdijken;  died on April 23, 1944, from diphtheria:  see photo.

2.        Klaas Bylsma, born in 1945 in Oldeouwer (see IX.1)

3.        Durk Bylsma, born in 1947 in Oldeouwer (see IX.2)

4.        Reinschje Grietje (Rene) Bylsma, born in 1949 in Oldeouwer;  married Douglas Hall in Osgoode in 1977;  she lives in Sardis, British Columbia;  retired, former office worker.

5.        Gerard Bylsma, born in 1953, in Belleville;  married Suzanne Hotte in Ottawa in 1975;  died in Iroquois from drowning on July 10, 1976:  see photo.

6.        Cornelius (Neil) Bylsma, born in 1955 in Belleville (see IX.3)

7.      Jacob (Jack) Bylsma, born in 1957 in Belleville (see IX.4).


VIII.4      Grietje Bijlsma, born in Nijlamer on February 11, 1925;  married in 1950, in Oudehaske with Thiemen Krikke:  see photo.  Husband worked as farmer in Oldeouwer and for Het Fryske Gea;  lived in Joure;  she died in Heerenveen on September 2, 2010, aged 85.

                From this marriage:

1.        Reinschje, born in 1954 in Oldeouwer;  married Pieter Hiemstra in 1974;  they live in Heeg, Wymbritseradeel.

Parents of:

a)       Margriet, born in 1975 in Oudega.  Works in courthouse in Leeuwarden.  Relationship with Tom de Jong.

        Parents of:

        i) Hylke Kerst, born in Zwaagwesteinde in 2008.

        ii)  Thieme Pieter, born in Zwaagwesteinde in 2010.

        iii) Haye Thomas, born in Zwaagwesteinde in 2014.

b)       Petra, born in 1978 in Oudega.  Married in Sandfirden in 2004 with Freerk Eise Grondsma, born in 1972 in Heeg; works as teacher in Sloten;  living in Heeg;

        Parents of

        i.)  Reinder, born in Heeg in 2005.

        ii)  Rimmer Eise, born in Heeg in 2006.

        iii)  Jelmer Pieter, born in Heeg in 2010.

c)      Thea, born in 1983 in Oudega.  Works as policewoman in Deventer;  married in 2010 with Peter Jansen;

        Parents of:

        i)  Milan, born in Deventer in 2013.

        ii)   Rafael, born in Deventer in 2014.

        iii)  Niels, born in Deventer in 2016.


2.        Anna Antje (Anneke), born in 1963 in Oldeouwer;  married Jouwert (Jop) Prins in 1982;  he works in boat-building in Sneek;  they live in Joure;  she died in Groningen in 2007.

Parents of:

a)       Marjolein, born in Joure in 1987

b)       Roos, born in Joure in 1995