I.1            Folpert Tiettes, born about 1465.

                Father of

1.        Tiette Folperts Baerdt (see II.1)


II.1          Tiette Folperts Baerdt;  married with Duerdt Sjuerdts;  farmer and landowner near 

                Arum;  he died before 1547; she after 1551.

                Parents of:

1.        Folpert Tiettes Baerdt (see III.1)

2.        Sjuerdt Tiettes Baerdt; married with Eelck ?; 'volmacht' in Menaldumadeel and Marssum; parents of Sake, Wijbe, Sybrandt, Rienck, Hobbe, Tiette,Doede, Offke, Sipke.

3.     Frans Tiettes; married with Tyam Sybedr; parents of Gerlof, Rixt, Doed, Sijbe.

4.     Offke Tiettes.


III.1         Folpert Tiettes Baerdt;  died between 1582 and 1585.

                Father of:          

1.       Tiette Folperts Baerdt; village judge in Arum; secretary for Menaldumadeel; married with Rinske Claeses Meylsma; he died in Schingen on September 18, 1614; she died in Schingen in 1628;  parents of Folpert, Sjoerd, Nanne, Rinke, Meinte, Marten, Claes, Sytske.

2.     Eelck Folperts Baerdt (see IV.1)


IV.1         Laes Lieuwes;   married on May 23, 1584 with Eelck Folperts Baerdt;  he died before 1604, she about 1607.

                From this marriage:

1.       Wytske Laeses, born about 1585; married with Christopheros Bauckes Bungha.

2.     Folperus Laeses Baerdt, born in about 1588 (see V.1).

3.     Nies Laeses Baerdt, born in about 1591; married with Rochus Joannis   (Snecanus); died on February 2, 1638, in Blija.

4.     Sytske Laeses Baerdt, born in about 1591; married with Folpert Tiettes Baerdt (see III.1.1); parents of Laes, Eelck, Marten.

5.     Lieuwe Laeses, born in about 1597; married with Habeltie Jans.

6.     Idteke Laeses, born in about 1599; married with Sas Feddrik.

7.    Laes Laeses, born in about 1603; married with Jees Tierds.



IV.2        Jan Jans Wederspan; married with Jelke Riencks, in Makkum on July 17, 1617;

               died after 1629.

               From this marriage:

               1.    Reynu Jansen Wederspan (see V.1)


V.1          Folperus Laeses Baerdt (Baart), born in about 1588;  married with Reynu  Jansen Wedespan in Makkum on July 17, 1617;  he was clerk and procurator of the municipality of Wonseradeel;  he also acted a secretary of Ameland as well as procurator of Dokkum.

                Parents of:

1.        Helena Folperts Baerdt (Baard) (see VI.1)

2.     Jan Folperts; married in Wierdum on February 14, 1666, with Baukjen Jeltes; parents of Folpert, Folpert, Jeltie, Reynu.

3.     Eelckien Folperts; married with Pyter Eeckes Fogelsang.


VI.1         Hette Jelles,  married with Helena Folperts Baerdt (Baard) in Hallum on November 4, 1660;  executor for the municipality of Ferwerderadeel;  she died after 1691

                Parents of:

1.        Eelco Hettes, procurator (ontvanger) for the 'grietenij' of Ferwerderadeel.

2.     Jeltie Hettes Baarda, born in 1670 (see VII.1)

3.     Yke Hettes.

She re-married with Ruyrdt Claessen.


VII.1        Pyter Symens de Baer;  married on January 8, 1688 with Jeltie Hettes Baarda, born in 1670;  identified as from Leeuwarden;  his occupation was as ‘ruiter’ and baker;  he acted as village judge in Joure as well as assistant to the ‘grietman’ (municipal administrator) in Haskerland;  farm owner and vote-holder for property 4 in Snikzwaag, Haskerland, in the Stemkohier for 1728;  moved to Dokkum in 1728 without ‘putting his business in order’;  he died in about 1731, she in about 1706.

                From this marriage:

1.        Hette Pieters (Pytters) Baar, born in about 1691 in Leeuwarden (see VIII.1)

2.        Johannes Pieters Baar, born in Leeuwarden on March 10, 1693; married in Joure on )ctober 19, 1721, with Sjertje Johannes Gerckema; parents of Jacob, Pieter, Pieter.

3.     Helena Pieters Baar.

4.     Renuw Pieters.


VII.2       Tjebbe Jans, civil marriage with Yts Gerkes in Haskerland on January 24, 1687; he was named as owner on behalf of his wife of properties 30, and 31 in Broek, Doniawerstal, as well as properties 33 and 34 in Haskerhorne, in the Stemkohier of 1698; Yts Gerkes was named as widow and owner of properties 30 and 31 (part) in Broek in the Stemkohier of 1728; trade as cooper; he died in about 1723; she died after 1748.

                Parents of :

                1.  Richtje Tjebbes (see VIII.1).


VIII.1      Hette Pieters (Pytters) Baar,  born in about 1689 in Leeuwarden;  married to Richtje Tjebbes, in Joure on March 18, 1718..

                Parents of:

1.        Jeltje Hettes, baptized March 23, 1718 in Joure

2.        Jan Hettes, baptized March 13, 1721 in Joure

3.        Jan Hettes, baptized December 7, 1721 in Joure

4.        Jeltje (Jeltien) Hettes Baar, baptized in Joure on April 14, 1726 (see IX.1)

5.        Jidske Hettes, born August 8, 1727, baptized August 10 in Joure

6.        Tjebbe Hettes, baptized October 31, 1728 in Joure

7.        Helena Hettes, baptized February 26, 1730 in Joure


IX.1         Watze Hijlkes, born in Joure in 1720;  died in Joure (Ouwsternijega) in 1779 (see DIJKSTRA GENEALOGY);  married and baptized in Heerenveen on May 30, 1745 (on the same date there was a third proclamation of the marriage in the Hervormde Church in Joure), with Jeltje Hettes Baar, baptized in Joure on April 14, 1726;  she died in 1794 in Ouwsternijega;  he was a groatsmaker in Heerenveen during the tax census of 1749 during which he was listed as having a household with 4 people over 12 and 1 child and paying taxes of 50-14-0;  farmed in Scharren, Ouwsternijega.

                From this marriage:

1.        Richtje Watzes, born on September 4, 1749;  married with Ruurd Watzes Watzema (died in Oldeboorn on September 13, 1813);  died in Oldeboorn in 1786, aged 37.

2.        Jan Watzes, born in Broek in 1753;  married with Engeltje Abes;  second marriage with Tietje Jelles;  children:  Aenke, Tietje, Jeltje, Watze, Lamkjen, Jelle, Rixtje, Hylke, Hette, Sipkje;  died in Doniawerstal on August 25, 1825, aged 72.

3.        Tjebbe Watzes Dijkstra, born in Ouwsternijega in 1762

4.        Hylke Watzes

5.        Hette Watzes

6.        Hebeltje Watzes

7.        Janke Watzes Dijkstra, born in Ouwsternijega in 1764;  died in Doniawerstal on June 25, 1821, aged 57.

8.        Jitske Watzes, born in Ouwsternijega in 1770;  married with Sytse Geeuwkes van de Veen.


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