For genealogists with family roots exclusively in the Netherlands who live elswhere (including 'de Friesen van utens'!), it is impossible to do most of one's research from original documents.  I have personally been able to spend only a couple of days at Tresoar in Ljouwert.  As a consequence, I have been dependent on resources available via the Internet and email correspondence with other genealogists. 

The primary Internet source is Tresoar.  The Yahoo Friesland Genealogy group has also been a useful place to obtain and share information. 

Among the genealogists to whom I am grateful for assisting in research or sharing their information are the following:  my (deceased) uncle, Jan van der Tuin, Elske Dijkstra-Pekema, Jan Boer (deceased), Sibbele Postma, Gabe Kuindersma (deceased Dec. 25, 2006) , Jappie Berger, Tjitte de Vries, Sjirk Dijkstra, Grietje Brouwer, Reinder Tolsma, Randy Engle, Judith Henstra, Jaap Tjalma, Kees Los, Philip van Gelderen, Anna van Gelderen, Jehannes van Haskera, Tette Hofstra, Hennie Janmaat, Bernard Holtrop, Sid Looyenga, Hinke Woudt-Westra, Annemarth Sterringa, Wiecher Ponne, Nynke van den Hooven, Irene Visser, Anthony Hofstee, Andre Buwalda, Dirk Hiemstra, the Meinesz family, Yntse van der Honing, Egbert Lantinga, Andries Berger, Hillie de Koe, Sjoerd van der Weg, Herman Ozinga, F. P. Bakker, Rob Boomsma, Jouke Sjaardema, Johannes Groenewoud, Greg van der Werf, Wiebe Haagsma and many others that I am probably neglecting to acknowledge.

An initiative to look into the possibility of a common website for all Bijlsma / Bylsma genealogies, even if not related is being explored in the following Yahoo group:

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